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for sale by owner

for sale by owner 

The Following is offered at no charge for sale by owner, this is a free service offered by Mitchell Jamel  Licensed Mortgage Broker / Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams St Augustine.


   - St Augustine for sale by owner

   - Professional Signage

   - Flyer

   - Advertising




   - Placement on

   - Placement on

   - Placement on

Service is Limited to St Augustine, St Augustine Beach, Vilano Beach, Palm Coast and Jacksonville. 


St Augustine FSBO Checklist

When I prepare a home for sale,

St Augustine real estate for sale by owner

 I first make a plan that includes:

1 - Walk Thru and taking notes on each room

A - Notes Include if the room is perfect or needs some TLC

Day 1 - 7

Start Cleaning each room and try to remove as much clutter as Possible,

Request a Free home value report and start to price your home.

Day 7 - 14

Use my FSBOSFL service and or others by creating a Flyer, sign & plan for your first open house. FSBO St Augustine offers Staging, Flyers, open houses & signs for no charge.

Day 14 - 21

Paint the inside of all closet, Paint All rooms that need a updated look and feel.

Day 21 - 28

Stay Motivated, Advertise, Open houses, Select a Title Company, Have Contracts and disclosures form ready.


Helping the St Augustine for sale by owner, Jacksonville & Palm Coast fsbo boynton beach


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